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My television career has been very extensive. I first started working in the industry as a freelance camera assistant on the Indycar production in 1993. Only a few months after working at Indycar as a freelance I was offered a Job at Network Ten in Brisbane.
Working at Network Ten was a highlight of my career, I had the opportunity to work on Totally Wild for almost 4 years intermittently and the evening news production for over 8 years. I was also involved in a documentary called ‘Schools’ which aired a few times and was awarded an ASC award.

While working at Network Ten one of my main jobs was Helicopter cameraman as many cameramen would not fly, this was probably the most exciting part of my job on the news. Hanging out of the chopper for hours on end shooting road accidents, drought conditions and even the first ever state of origin game held at the new Suncorp stadium from 1500 feet. I still get shivers of that night as it is deeply implanted in my memory.

Because I was one of three who were considered a Heli cameraman I was put through intense underwater escape training every 2 years, I ended up doing 4 courses over my 8 and a half years employment. While on location in the Chopper my job also entailed ground crew to make sure of safe ground operations

After leaving Network Ten I had regular work in Brisbane with many different post production houses which included Cutting Edge, Thistle Pictures and a company now called Taxi. These jobs included adverts, training videos for various companies and company promotional videos.

In 2006 I worked on Big Brother as a daily cameraman living between the walls shooting the housemates on shifts that ran around the clock. Some cameramen would shy at putting this on their CV but it was something that turned out to be a lot of fun even though I ended up 16 hour shifts as a few cameraman fell off towards the end of the series.

Recently I produced my own TV show for Channel 7’s 7mate Channel called Just2wheelz. On the show I was presenter, cameraman, director, music director, editor and producer. The series ran for 13 episodes and covered all forms of motorcycling Australia wide and received 350,000 viewers for its 13 episodes. Just2wheelz still breathes now as a web show because of the huge costs involved. Just to get Channel 7 to air the series, over and above production costs, cost about $80,000 per series.

I own a full production kit. My camera is fantastic and is capable to shoot 200 frames per second which gives the option to perform some amazing slow motion shots. I have a full light kit which consists of 3,800 watts light with many different colour gels, neutral density gels and diffuser gels.

During my time at Network Ten I was trained as an Avid Media Composer (editing program of the highest standard) editor. Since leaving I have also done an advanced Effects editing course supplied by Video Pro in Brisbane. I now have my own complete edit suite which is as capable as any edit suite in the country.

With my vast experience and equipment I am a one stop shop for all production options.